Parents help your kids share their story.

Let’s work together in Valley County to “Flip the Script” on mental health stigma and substance use disorders.

Sharing and listening to real stories from people who live in Valley County is one way to build a more compassionate, understanding, and honest community.

Take action.

Help your community, by encouraging your kids to share their story. Please fill out the form below if you or your child is interested in taking action today! There are many ways they can contribute (see the full list in the contact form).

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Finding the courage to speak up sometimes means asking for help during the process. Often, when we share our stories, we realize we have feelings to address or need additional resources as part of our continued healing. Ignite Idaho Family Resource Center is here for you, every step of the way, with the resources you need to heal and thrive.

Learn more at (208) 994-5537 or